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Since beauty is a central concept and focus for many women and a few men, it’s no wonder that the internet abounds with beauty blogs. I find that some of them give really valuable information and product reviews, so you get an opinion from someone other than the manufacturer. Even though bloggers are often given free samples to try, I’ve found that they aren’t afraid to say what they think. They seem value their community and providing useful information for them, more than the industry connection. Here are a few that I visit on a regular basis to keep up with the trends.Beauty Blogs

1. The Beauty Brains (
Written by a group of cosmetic scientists writes under assumed names like “Sarah Bellum,” “Left Brain” and “Right Brain,” this blog provides an unbiased view of what cosmetics ingredients really do, how products are tested, and what all the advertising means. They also support a readers forum, and answers specific questions.

2. Futurederm (
Written with a unique view compared to the other beauty blogs online, Nicki of Futurederm is a medical student who aspires to become a dermatologist. She successfully mixes science and beauty together to form well rounded opinions on dermatology and skin care. I’m impressed by her references to scientific articles and interviews with top dermatologists. Topics covered by Futurederm include cosmetics, hair care, fragrances, spa treatments, and general skin care.

3. Cafe Makeup (
As the name suggests, Cafe Makeup’s main focus is make up. Both luxury and lesser known brands are equally featured on this website, with honest make up reviews being the main focal point. Products have been personally tested by the author or her family members. She has great photos of lip colors on her arm so you get a sense of different shades and depth of color.

4. Ape to Gentlemen (
While one may not think about men’s grooming when it comes to beauty blogs, it’s no secret that in this day and age, more men are more concerned about their looks. Without shedding their manliness, men can discover information about male grooming, fashion and lifestyle.

5. All Lacquered Up (
Without a doubt, nails are one of the most popular beauty niches around. Although it is not updated as often as many of the beauty blogs because its sole focus is on nail polish, it is still a fantastic resource for all things nail-related. I’ve been amazed with the artful masterpieces some people create with their nails.

6. Makeup Geek (
Although the Makeup Geek is not a trained Make Up Artist, she shares her passion of the art of putting on makeup with the world. This is great for those who would like to learn how to wear makeup or just try new techniques through video to help every woman feel more confident and pretty.

7. Into the Gloss (
This is a magazine-style beauty blog for professionals and those who want to learn more about the beauty and fashion industry itself. Just like a normal magazine, trade specialists are interviewed about what’s up and coming or currently happening in this incredible industry.

8. Makeup and Beauty Blog (
One of the hottest beauty blogs in America, the Makeup and Beauty Blog is run by a freelance writer who loves MAC products. Despite her love for MAC, over 100 different beauty and make up brands have been featured on this blog which also contains tips, news, and reviews. She is really funny, and adds personal stories to her reviews. While reviewing a makeup palette called Black Tango, she regales us with a story of ballroom dancing class and sore toes.

9. Temptalia (
Since 2006, Temptalia has been a cornerstone in the beauty blog world. Serving up tutorials, photos, swatches, beauty tips, questions to engage readers, as well as in depth reviews; Temptalia it is no wonder that this website has withstood the test of time.

10. Viva Woman (
This is a beauty blog with a focus natural, organic skincare and cosmetics. The editor, who goes by the pen name Sesame, is based in Singapore. Shes very selective about what she covers, but review cult beauty products if they appeal to her. She also has a weekend edition of fashion commentaries.

11. Gala Darling (
I had the pleasure of meeting Gala Darling 2 years ago and have been following her ever since. With ever-changing hair color, amazing tattoos, and brilliant blue eyes, she sees the world with sparkly glasses. She is a native New Zealander living in New York City with her husband and 2 cute, slobbery dogs. She started in 2006 as a fashion blog, but it has grown to be much more, with her viewpoint on life, love, beauty and self care. She writes “I believe in searching for the magic in every day. Once you’ve trained your eye, you can’t help but delight in seeing the small & extraordinary things that surround us. Enthusiastic gratitude & appreciation for the present moment are part of my essential practices.” She’s delightful. I am so grateful that our paths crossed and I made a serendipitous discovery.

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