Using Your Inner Wisdom For Wellness

After the frenzy of the holidays, January can seem like a breath of fresh air. And speaking of breaths, the medical world is finally catching on to the beneficial power of taking a few moments for deep breathing and some intentional quiet. Some people find these moments through prayer, meditation or hypnosis. Many of us struggle for this peace. Fargo native Darcy Simonson, an acclaimed artist and professional hypnotist, created a program called WisdomWell to guide us toward these moments through gentle hypnotic meditation and visualizations.

Some think of hypnosis skeptically as a staged performance for purposes of entertainment, usually in a theatre or club, with the participant in an altered state of consciousness and following silly commands. In reality, both guided- and self-hypnosis use the power of focused concentration to get the brain to a peaceful, alpha-wave state. Meditation is slightly different as it involves quieting mental chatter in order to achieve that same relaxed state.

Some people may benefit from using hypnosis as a bridge into meditation, particularly those who have great difficulty experiencing silence in meditation. Once they get into that concentration state where thought has been largely pushed aside by the object of that focused concentration, then they might be better able to let go of that focus and allow themselves to relax into silence.beautiful mountain reflection

Darcy calls WisdomWell an adventurous journey toward mental, physical and spiritual well-being, and uses her beautiful voice to guide participants through the exercises. You may have heard that we have about 60,000 thoughts per day, the majority of which are negative. These thoughts can give rise to unconscious beliefs and programming that have a limiting effect. What you believe, often unconsciously, is played out in your body and behaviors. Darcy hopes that her program will quiet the negative chatter and help you design positive new beliefs and behaviors.

Her live, hour-long workshops meet the first Saturday of each month at 10 a.m. and are held at Catalyst Medical Center.

Topics reflect issues of the seasons through the year and include:

January: “Feeling Your Way to Fabulous” – Raise your vibration and the life you desire will rise up to meet you

February: “Passion on Purpose” – Ignite love and passion in all aspects of your life

“Inner Spring” – Breath of life, awakening your youthful spirit

“Planting Seeds in Your Soul” – Growth, Waiting in wonder

“Pulling Weeds Within” – Exploring and appreciating our shadows and mirrors

“Creativity Blooms” – Enhance your creativity and work it

“Positively Friends and Family” – Attracting positive relationships

“Reaping Abundant Rewards” – Attracting prosperity

“Me-time!” – Self-celebration, quieting guilt and fear around selfishness

“Sweet Surrender” – Releasing attachment, surrender burdens

“Thankful Shift” – The power of gratitude to shift emotions and circumstances

“Give yourself the Gift of Receiving”

The sessions are designed to be wonderfully relaxing and well worth the time. She will also offer audio recordings of the meditations for those who can’t be there in person.

Darcy began practicing self-hypnosis in the early 1980s, and found that her life began to improve dramatically. She shares, “Hypnosis has helped me overcome issues such as unwanted weight, test anxiety, social anxiety, fear of public speaking, and creative blocks. It has helped me accept change, forgive, eliminate guilt, transform relationships, enhance pleasure, create art, assimilate information, step into my power, and evolve my intuition. Intuition has also allowed me to share important insights that have assisted others along their journeys.” Darcy feels that WisdomWell blends her professional skills, education, experience and decades of self-study, with her passion for mind/body/spirit work.

The holidays are over, but you still deserve a gift to help you use your inner wisdom for wellness. Check out to register.