Even In Tragedy, We Can Find Hope…


Dear Friends,
I had something different planned for today, but it just didn’t seem right. This has been a whirlwind week. We got a lovely snowstorm on Sunday, seriously beautiful, except that it’s mid-APRIL! Monday I attended the first ever TEDxNDSU and Tuesday/Wednesday hosted our local livestream of TEDMED.
But the week has also held tragedy in Boston and Waco. We are reminded of how precious life is, and how fragile. I was touched by several beautiful posts, and wanted to share quotes with you.
“We can see that even in the aftermath of tragedy through the many selfless acts of love and compassion. So while we let ourselves be touched and opened by the grief, sadness and anger, we must also let ourselves be touched and energized by the heroism of the many brave souls expressing the higher aspects of our human nature: those who ran toward the victims, even as the explosions began; and towards the marathon runners who went from the race directly to the Red Cross to donate blood for victims; and towards the thousands of Boston area residents who offered up their homes and their cars to those who were forced to evacuate the downtown area. These acts express and define who we are and who we’re becoming as a human race so much more than the reckless hateful acts of terrorism.” – Claire Zammit ~ www.FemininePower.com
“Sometimes we wake and wonder what we can do to bring peace to the violent society we’ve created. Until that day we as a collective decide to live in harmony by honoring and caring for each other and all life, everywhere, I find that it helps to do simple things, like smile at every person who drives past me on the street. Or imagine that each of my footsteps is a kiss for the earth as often as I can, all day long. Or I decide that I will be more alert to any tenderness I can bring to someone, especially a stranger, and move softly to open a door for them, or help an older person lift a bag of groceries from the cart into their car… If we express the best part of humanity as often as we can during such times of darkness, we will remind others that Goodness exists, and that it always has–and that It is Us.” – em Claire ~ www.emclairepoet.com


On Another Note:

Dove’s Real Beauty Campaign is controversialpretty girl to some, but I love the video which points out that we need to look at ourselves with kinder eyes and words. If only you could see yourself as those who love you do….beautiful. Make sure to check it out!