Busy, Productive Or Energized? How Do You Want To Feel Today?

“Wow, you sound incredibly happy today!”downtown

My friend, on the other end of the phone line, couldn’t help but notice the cheerful sparkle in my voice.

“I am!” I said. “I’ve had a great morning. I’ve had a couple of meetings with fun, creative people, and I got invited to speak to a group of university students about innovation. And now, I’m sitting in a beautiful space, getting caught up on my charts, with a bowl of fruit on the table. I love days like this!”

“It sounds like you’re having a really energizing day,” my friend commented.

She was right. I felt unstoppable. And her comment got me thinking … isn’t it interesting how some days (OK, most days!) are really busy … some days are really productive … but then there are few days that feel truly energizing?

For me, an energizing day is a day where I get plenty of things done, without really “trying.” Like I’m floating around on sunbeams. I’m in the zone. And then, at the end of the day, I feel ready to rest, but not flat-out exhausted. Like my cup has filled, instead of drained.

Those kinds of days seem so rare and magical, but setting up your day so that you can feel energized isn’t really that complicated. It’s just a matter of paying attention to what energizes you … and then making those things a priority.

I’ve started to much pay closer attention to the types of activities, people and situations that energize me — so that I can bring more of that positive juice into my life.

For example, I know that …

Brainstorming with passionate people energizes me. Especially if they are entrepreneurs, fellow physicians, or people who are devoted to making the world a happier, healthier, more positive place to be.

Thinking about innovation energizes me. When I got invited to speak to a group of students, I wasn’t just flattered by the invitation — I was energized by the topic: innovation! I get a “natural high” thinking about ways to do things differently and better.

Beauty energizes me. It can be as simple as a vase of fresh flowers on a conference room table, or as dramatic as a sunset. I love beauty, in any form. It’s pure energy, for me. My work with beautiful faces energizes me, and I love helping women smile when they look in the mirror.

Being downtown energizes me. While I love all of Fargo, I love the historic buildings, bumping into friends and neighbors, and the thriving arts scene. Taking a Saturday stroll down Broadway can shift my whole week. A popsicle from Gigi’s, a shop stop at Shanna Lee or Downtown Diva, tea at Nicole’s and a little treat for Grant at UnGlued or Zandbroz…. I could go on and on! What fun!

Giving patients resources to make healthy lifestyle changes energizes me. Simple choices can have profound impact and I love to see patients flip the switch for great new habits that make them happier and healthier.

There are plenty of things that do NOT energize me, of course.

Some of those things could be taken off my to-do list (… and I’m working on it).

Some of those things simply have to get done (… and I’m working on that, too).

I know how helpful it is to structure my day to include some activities that energize me. It’s the perfect blend of job satisfaction and life satisfaction.

So far, today, are you feeling busy, productive … or energized?

What energizes YOU?

~ Dr. Sue